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Of Evidence To 102volume 35 | Number 2 March/April 2010
Douching is placing a liquid solution in the vagina, usually after menstruation or before or and smell good, to prevent infection, to clean before going to the doctor or nurse, to tighten the vagina In the botanicas of the Bronx, women reported used alum, an astringent, for vaginal tightening … Read Content

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Often called “Chinese” shrink creams these products are meant to be used vaginally and claim to tighten the vagina. The main ingredient in many of them is alum, which Violet Blue explains “absorbs water out of the outer layer of the skin; as more water is absorbed, the cells begin to … Read Article

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In Africa, practices to tighten and dry the vagina use a range of natural and artificial ingredients which are suspected to harm health In Zaire the use of leaves, rock powder, talcum powder, Vicks, and alum along with the insertion of fabrics into the vagina can cause infections due to friction … View This Document

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This is just one of many of the junky vagina tightening products found on Amazon that we have Ah yes, Sure Grip Tighten Her, exact same ineffective ingredients, different packaging and Glycerin, PEG-8, PEG-32, Aloe Vera, Menthylparaben, Potassium Alum, DMDM Hydantoin, Sodium … View Video

Alum Tighten Vagina pictures

It helps to strengthen local resistance to infection and to tighten and dry mucous membranes. It helps reduce excess mucus in the nose, the large bowel, or vagina. It also treats eczema and hemorrhages. … Document Retrieval

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You can fasten the horns as described above, but you will need a large square or circular “washer” on the inside, against which to tighten the screws. If he has been swallowed by a monster, he may either be born from it or disgorged from its mouth (the mouth is often a substitute for the vagina). … View Full Source

Alum Tighten Vagina photos
Bolt t-bolt top-tighten 08107220 bolt w/washer mcattee 08107230 bolt conical univ fem nail 08107235 bolt femoral fixation synthes 08107236 bolt fixation liss synthes … Fetch Doc

Alum Tighten Vagina pictures

The vagina, can cause diminished sensation and gratification during While surgery was once the only rejuvenation option to tighten moisturizing ingredient; alum potas-sium, a naturally occurring mineral; … Get Document

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Normal uterine discharge of blood, tissue, and mucus from the vagina after childbirth. done by a wire placed around the polypus and by the thumb-screw in the instrument, tighten the wire Nosebleed, Alum as a cure for.–“Apply cold water to face and back of neck; snuff powdered alum.” … Read Full Source

Alum Tighten Vagina images

Foetus pushed through vagina; umbilical cord flocculation; use of alum; disinfection/ use of chlorine; kill microorganisms; max 5 … Fetch Content

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(By the other way, vagina sucks. Male (or male gay) chauvinism?) Mikkalai 00:19, 6 Jun 2004 (UTC) Many more organizations noticed AW alum Ellen Wheeler\’s story of a woman with AIDS on All My Children in 1988 and 1989. … Read Article

Alum Tighten Vagina photos

Materia Medica By Allen MEDORRHINUM (med)
Seem to tighten the whole body (Cac); sore all over, as if bruised (Arn., Eup.). (Alum., Arg. n., Can. I.). Is in a great hurry; when doing anything is in such a hurry she gets Intense pruritus of labia and vagina < by thinking of it. … Access This Document

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alum aluminium alumni alun wave square alunan alur slot channel am universal amal work charity amalan amaliah charitable aman shockproof amanah amanat trusteeship amandel … View Doc

Alum Tighten Vagina pictures

STAY YOUNG 1 Scientists will tell yo ut hat the vagina is made of spongy elastic tissue which can shrink or swell to accommodate nearly any thing which Others feature potassium alum, often used in deodorants, which can actually constrictawoman\’sh ole. … Get Doc

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